Ammannia octandra L.f. - LYTHRACEAE - Dicotyledon

Common name : Redstem, eared
Common name in Hindi : Dadmari

Seedling - © Juliana PROSPERI - Cirad Juvenile - © Juliana PROSPERI - Cirad Flower and leaf arrangement - © Juliana PROSPERI - Cirad Quadrangular stem and fruits arrangement - © Juliana PROSPERI - Cirad Botanical line drawing - © -

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Diagnostic characters :

Biology :

Flowers from January to March and fruits from February to June.

Ecology and distribution :

Ammannia octandra was reported from Indian peninsula, Sri Lanka, Chittagong in Bangladesh and Malaysia.
This species is found in plains, especially towards the coast, in low-lying moist areas, fallow fields and as a weed in paddy fields.

Nuisance :

Weed control :

Botany :

Robust herbs up to 50cm high.
Oblong-lanceolate, 4.5cm long and 0.7cm wide, chartaceous, glabrous, base auriculate-subcordate, margin entire, apex acuminate.
Cymes simple, axillary; pedicel to 1mm. Flowers 7mm across, calyx-tube 4mm, angular, margins sharp; lobes 4, 1mm. 4 petals, flame-coloured, with a darker midnerve, orbicular, 4mm, fugacious, crumpled. Stamens 4+4, inserted at different levels on calyx-tube; filaments to 6mm. Ovary 1.5mm, 4-celled; style 5mm.
Capsule 4.5mm, equalling the thick clayx-tube.
Turgid seeds.

Uses/Remark :

References :

- Matthew, K.M., 1983. The Flora of the Tamil Nadu Carnatic. The Rapinat Herbarium, Tiruchirapalli, India.

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